HDTV Antenna Installation

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Why Install a HDTV Antenna?

So, why install a HDTV antenna? With the cost-of-living skyrocketing, we are all looking at how to stretch our household budgets. The average US cable package costs over $200 per month and many TV viewers are looking for lower cost options. One option is to watch over-the-air or OTA TV, which enables the viewer to watch local TV channels free of charge. Unlike cable or live TV streaming services, with a HDTV antenna installation, local broadcasters don’t require you to pay any ongoing fees. That is right, watch local channels FREE!

How to Watch OTA TV

OTA TV has been around for years, and it’s built right into your TV. To watch OTA TV all you need is an antenna. Local channels that broadcast in your area provide sports, news and TV shows from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS and more with excellent HD image quality. Check out your local channels here. Depending on where you live, you may need to add an outdoor High-Definition TV (HDTV) antenna. Mr. Antenna has years of experience and can do your HDTV antenna Installation

For a one-time fee, you can get started! If you have any questions or would like a quote, just: 

Our Services

standard TV antenna aerial installations

TV Antenna Installs

We have successfully installed thousands of VHF & UHF HDTV antennas in your area. Your SATISFACTION IS 100% GUARANTEED.

Starlink internet roof antenna installations

Starlink Installations

We Install your Starlink satellite antennas. Starlink delivers high-speed satellite internet to remote or underserved areas.

hang tv and wall mount installations

Hang TVs

Comprehensive services like hanging TVs, concealing wires, sound bar installation, and Dolby surround sound setup.

Client Testimonials

Ronald Chaplin
Ronald Chaplin
Mr Antenna is great. I called Monday, Wensday, and they came out and installed an antenna. Now I get many free local channels. Just a one-time charge. Crystal clear reception
Joni Gordon
Joni Gordon
I CUT THE CORD!!!! I couldn't be happier. I'm using just what I had before. I'm LOVING it!
Alex Sugden
Alex Sugden
Great job. Installed at my home and a apartment community I owned. Calling him back now for a Tablo installation.
Tom Morris
Tom Morris
This was our second antenna Installation by Mr Antenna. (We moved.) Both Karlo, the first time, and Luís yesterday were great. They know what they're doing, they're professional, polite and personable. I can't think of a single criticism.
Rick Todd
Rick Todd
Have had Mr Antenna for couple years. Great decision to get away from expensive cable Tv. Still have internet. ****Was having trouble with chanell situation. Said $ 85 to come. To much money couldn't afford so I dealt with it n played with it n pretty much got it back to normal. Would of been better price would of had them come to service. Like said pretty much back to normal. I saved $$ they lost $$ but all good. Like antenna tv. 👍
They are without a doubt the most honest and efficient company I have ever experienced. Jose was friendly and knowledgeable in every aspect of the installation. Would recommend them to everyone. I now get a lot more channels and the antenna is less noticeable then the satellite dish.