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Cell Phone Boosters

Cell Phone Boosters

Cell Phone Boosters

In today's demanding and increasing mobile business environment, staying connected is essential. Smartphones and mobile devices have revolutionized the working world and the challenge of keeping them connected at all times requires a strong, reliable network. Network dead spots are not only frustrating; they can impact productivity and success.

Mr Antenna provides cell phone boosters that can eliminate that frustration before it happens with cell phone signal boosting equipment from Wilson Electronics. Cell phone boosters bypass the elements that block cell phone service ensuring the coverage you need when you need it.

With normal cell phone coverage, missed and dropped calls are typically caused by the distance from the cellular carrier's tower, building materials used in the home or building, or obstructions from tall objects like hills or buildings. Our cell phone boosters capture an external signal, even one that is far away, and amplify it in your home or commercial building. The outside antenna reaches out to access the voice, text, 3G, 4G, and LTE data signals and delivers them to the cellular phone booster. The cellular booster amplifies the signal and acts as a relay between the cell phone and the nearest cell tower. The booster also gives the mobile device a stronger signal so calls and data can be fed through the booster back to the cellular carrier.

Mr Antenna's technology works with all the major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Once installed, there aren't any recurring fees; no subscription or monthly charges are required.

Whether you're in your home or workplace, you should be able to stay connected. Mr Antenna provides cell phone boosters that meet your business needs today and into the future.

mount a tv over a fireplace

Friendly and safe to let in your door. No creep factor. Did a fantastic job. Very professional. Worked quickly with no problems.

Amy and Flavio P.

hang tv on plaster fireplace

This has been the greatest experience since I bought by house. We have so much more free space with the TV on the wall... and it looks great!

Marcel J.


You've been great. He was very professional, came on time, and helped clean up some of the cable company's mess. Very satisfied with the work and service.

Fernando A.

Kettering wall mount TV on fireplace

Super friendly. Very professional. Amazing job. It looks great. Works great. I couldn't have done it better myself:)

Bev G.

West Chester TV Antenna Installation

Using Mr. Antenna has been fast, easy, and efficient. We have great reception on more channels than we expected. We highly recommend you!

Frosh & Sarah.

Install TV on wall

Mr Antenna did an excellent job. I would recommend him without any reservations whatsoever.

Debashis B.

Cincinnati wall hang TV fireplace

Great service. Very professional and thorough. Came quickly and found the perfect solution.

Jim H.

Did an awesome job. I didn't think I would be able to get my TV mounted on a brick wall but with Mr Antenna's help, it looks great.

Amanda S.

Tv installation

Very happy. Very detailed and neat job. The signal seems more clear than DirecTV. Mr Antenna was able to answer all my questions.

Charles & Peggy B.

Antenna repair service in Xenia

Oh my goodness. It's like night and day. My TV reception is so much better now. Thank you.

Laura R.

TV Antenna

When we called, Mr Antenna was a straight shooter. He didn't hem and haw. We knew we wanted to do business with him. We're very happy we did.

George and Doris L.

We can't wait to show everyone our new TV mounted on the wall. It's very neat, clean, and professional. Job well done!

Damien & Brandi D.

Wall mount TV

John was amazing. He did what we wanted and more!