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TV Antenna Installation

Most homes in this area are able to receive the local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, TBN, and several other networks) with a correctly installed outside antenna.
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1-Time Investment & No Monthly Payments

We have successfully installed thousands of antennas and saved our clients millions of dollars!

Outside antennas are better than inside antennas because:
  • Outside antennas are mounted higher where there are few signal obstructions (hills & trees).
  • The TV signal isn’t weakened by penetrating walls.
  • Outside antennas are larger and have more gain (better reception) than inside antennas.
Standard HDTV Antenna Installation Includes:
  • An antenna proven to work in this area.
  • All mounting hardware.
  • All installation labor.
  • Running a cable from the new antenna to your existing wiring.
  • Connecting to and using the existing coax wiring through the walls to your TVs.
  • Connecting your TV and peripheral equipment.
  • Programming and tuning your digital TV.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our antenna installation before we leave, we’ll remove the equipment and won’t charge you anything.