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TV Antenna Service Hamilton, OH

Wonderful job! We were two old people without TV and no one to help. We were stressed out. We can’t believe how nice Mr Antenna has been. We appreciate the attention and promptness.

Jim & Martha H.

Hamilton, OH

TV Antenna Cincinnati

We picked Mr Antenna because John is a Christian, he is soft spoken, and we liked the way he talked. He didn’t hem and haw. He was a straight shooter. We knew we wanted to do business with him. We’re very happy we did.

George and Doris L.

Anderson, OH

West Chester TV Antenna

Working with John was both a pleasure and an education; I’d almost go out & buy another house so I can have another antenna installed – it was great to work with him and I look forward to great TV reception in my new home.

Charlie & Kim G.

West Chester, OH

hang tv on plaster fireplace

My dad was a contractor so I like when people tell me what they are doing and answer my questions. John did just that. He was very thorough and took care of us very quickly.

Trisha F.

Loveland, OH

wall mount TV in NKY

From the way he carried himself through the installation: very professional and safe to have in your home. Actual installation looks great! We’re thrilled! Thank you!

Martin & Amy T.

Northern Kentuckey

antenna in Mason attic

Very easy to deal with. Excellent job.

Suresh V.

Mason, OH

antenna repair service

Mr Antenna came, did the job, and cleaned up after himself. Very professional. Very good work.

Jim & Meg P.

Western Hills, OH

Antenna repair service in Xenia

Oh my goodness. It’s like night and day. My TV reception is so much better now. Thank you.

Laura R.

Xenia, OH

wall mount tv with controls in closet

It’s great to be able to receive Cincinnati and Dayton. It’s also nice to be able to have you come and help with the antenna and wall mounting. You are WAY less than Best Buy.

Steve G.

Hamilton, OH

Cincinnati TV antenna repair

We were impressed with your knowledge, proficiency, professionalism, and price. We wouldn’t hesitate to call you again.

David and Susan T.

Montgomery, OH

Sharonville tv antenna installation

Very happy. Very detailed and neat job. The signal seems more clear than DirecTV. Mr Antenna was able to answer all my questions.

Charles & Peggy B.

Sharonville, OH

Western Hills TV antenna repair service

We appreciate Mr Antenna working hard and spending the time it took to make our TV reception right.

Brian & Nancy

Western Hills, OH

Libert Township TV antenna repair service

John responded quickly and has the equipment and experience needed to get the job done. We’ve got more channels than we expected.

Mickey and Joan M.

Liberty Township, OH

Indian Hill TV Antenna Service

We’re thrilled! Mr Antenna has been super helpful and nice. We have more channels than we expected.

Ann and Crystal B.

Indian Hill, OH

TVs and projectors

Thanks for working through things with us. Prompt. On time. Excellent work. We’ll have you back to help with another location.

Paul Chang

Technology Coordinator
Kenton County Public Library

Batavia, Ohio TV antenna repair

Friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable.

Kirsten B.

Batavia, OH

wall mount tv with controls in closet

The installation looks great. Everything looks great. I even gave you a tip.


Price Hill, OH

Antenna Install Service

Great job. Thank you!

Laila J.

Amelia, OH

hang tv on plaster fireplace

You’ve exceeded our expectations. We are beyond satisfied.

Doug and Rose B.

Burlington, KY

TV antenna repair

It’s fixed! Thanks for coming to help. My antenna is back online and working again.

Jerry S.

Ft Thomas, KY

Amature radio antenna installation

With the amature radio reception like I have now, I couldn’t be any more ecstatic. People on the other end said it was like I was sitting in the room with them. It’s perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks for your patience and getting back with me. Keep it up. It’s greatly appreciated.

Michael S.

Liberty Township, OH

hang tv on plaster fireplace

We are very happy to recommend John and his services. He helped us with a new antenna installation and we appreciate his patience answering many questions, honesty at explaining our available options, and his attention to details on the installation!

Jean and Marissa S.

Hyde Park, OH

Free TV in Cincinnati

John today has been great. Your new antenna looks so much better than that big old thing I had. I’m impressed with all the research and information you did before you came here. Why anyone would pay for cable is beyond me. Thanks for your help.

Nick C.

Western Hills, OH

NKY TV antenna repair

I’m so happy to consistently receive channel 25! I’m glad you’re a Christian. You’re very kind, considerate, and have lots of patience. For old people that means a lot. I’ll recommend you to anyone I can. I plan to pass out your business cards. Thank you again!

Bonnie P.

Crescent Springs, KY

Mr. Antenna did an excellent job at installing my flat screen TV on the wall. he worked until I was completely satisfied, was very polite and made sure I was truly happy with the end result. I highly recommend.

Linda S.

Independence, KY

Morrow TV Antenna Installation

John was courtious, professional, and delivered outstanding results! Very friendly and responsive – great service.

Charles and Michelle W.

Morrow, OH

nky tv antenna installation

Quick to respond, on time, pleasant, detail oriented, and helpful. We are so glad to be done with cable.

Peter and Irene H.

Ft Thomas, KY

TV antenna installation on satellite mount

Very professional and easy to work with, John made sure we had a quality installation.

Scott D.

Blue Ash, OH

remove tv antenna

Thanks for the fast response, climbing so high, and great service. My house looks so much better without that 40 year old antenna.

John D.

Western Hills, OH

Wall mounted TV and speakers

Thank you for your patience and working so hard to satisfy me. I like the job you did. I won’t hesitate to refer you to my friends.

Gilly A.

Fairfield, OH

Anderson TV antenna installation

Fast, professional, and knowledgeable service delivered at a great price. Thanks!

Matt C.

Anderson, OH

Service was excellent and very informative.

Joyce B.

Clovedale, OH

New TV antenna

Did a great job. Went out of his way to help. I would recommend him to others.

Jim B.

Loveland, OH

Cincinnati TV wall mounting

Great job and very personable. He was on time and got the job done quickly.

Cindy W.

Cincinnati, OH

White Oak, OH

Prompt service. Did fine work. Reasonable price.

Clifford and Lanna N.

White Oak, OH

hang tv on plaster fireplace

Thanks for your attention to detail, your full service, and staying longer than you expected. After watching for a couple weeks, no problems. We couldn’t be happier.

Connie R.

Cold Springs, KY

Cincinnati TV antenna installation

Everything has gone very well. You were on time, pleasant to deal with, and answered all of my questions. No complaints.

Del S.

Cheviot, OH

Cincinnati TV antenna replacement

Thanks for replacing our old antenna. You’ve been prompt, efficient, and thorough… More than I expected. We have more channels now than ever.

Ralph & Charleen S.

Finneytown, OH

Cincinnati TV antenna install

I appreciate the phone calls and staying in touch. It looks great and I like the way you hid the cables.

Sue P.

Cheviot, OH

amateur radio installation

I appreciate how quickly you were available, your demeanor, and how neat everything turned out. My ham radio is working great!

Mark S.

Clarksville, OH

NKY TV antenna repair

Exceeded my expectations. I have more channels than I expected. The cable I had running across my floor is finally gone and looks MUCH better. Thanks.

Tom `J.

Withamsville, OH

We can’t wait to show everyone our new TV mounted on the wall. It’s very neat, clean, and professional. Job well done!

Damien & Brandi D.

Mt. Healthy, OH

I had a great day. John did more because it’s what I wanted. Tidy. Neat. I finally receive channel 12!

James B.

Anderson, OH

Amelia TV mount

Totally satisfied. Exceeded my expectations! Your experience and knowledge made this project easier than I expected. As I’ve watched the process, I’m so glad I didn’t try and do this myself.

Eric E.

Amelia, OH

amateur radio installation

We’ll be having you back to mount our second TV. You did an outstanding professional job with good communications and quality craftsmanship.

Steve G.

West Chester, OH

Excellent! Couldn’t ask for anything better. John didn’t try and force anything on me. He told me like it was and let me pick.

Shirley R.

Loveland, OH

After fighting with “several” indoor antennas, we’re as happy as we can be with our outdoor antenna.

Paul and Betty N.

Williamstown, KY

Mr. Antenna has been very pleasant and one of the friendlies people I know. I wish he was in our church. He makes sure the job is done right and you’re completely happy.

Jackie B.

Linwood, OH

Did an awesome job. I didn’t think I would be able to get my TV mounted on a brick wall but with Mr Antenna’s help, it looks great.

Amanda S.

Forest Park, OH

You’ve been great to work with! My TV looks great. You’ve also saved me from searching through bogus channels.

Eldridge B.

Silverton, OH

new tv antenna in cincinnati

A new antenna on a steep roof on a windy day… Wow! You’ve gone above and beyond. I’m happy to recommend.

Dirk C.

Cincinnati, OH

Wilmington, OH TV installation

My son came to visit and couldn’t believe how many channels I receive now. And the picture doesn’t break up like it did in the past. Thanks John!

Helen E.

Wilmington, OH

wall mount tv cincinnnati

Our family works with a lot of contractors. You’ve been very consciences about your work. This is very rare. We like you so much we’ll have you back to do more work. This will more than pay for itself. I wish everyone would cut the cable.

Bill, Jill, & Amanda D.

Glendale, OH

Harrison, OH

Very reasonable and efficient antenna installation. We’re very happy with our reception.

Tom, Kay, and Steve D.

Harrison, OH

Truly friendly professional service at a great value.

Steve and Lisa B.

Bright, IN

John, You were very courteous and did what you said. We appreciate you installing the new antenna on our steep roof and entertaining our granddaughter.

Clyde and Leslie W.

Arlington Heights, OH

I’m so happy with the results of your work. I receive channel 25 again! Words aren’t adaquest to express my appreciation.

Lee B.

Sharonville, OH

I love the way my flat screen TV looks. It turned out better than I expected. I couldn’t be happier.

Zion M.

Price Hill, OH

We’re excited to start saving $100 a month. Our picture looks great. We couldn’t want it any better. You did a great job. Thank you very much.

Roger D.

South Lebanon, OH

I was impressed with Mr. Antenna’s general work habits. I appreciate that he was prompt and did an efficient job.

Bill G.

Carthage, OH


Mike did a great job installing our antenna. Friendly and professional. I now receive so many channels and they look great! I recommend!

Tom J.

Dayton, OH


Mike was very professional and the job was very neatly done. We would recommend them to anyone.

Tina S.

Oregonia, OH


I called John and he came the same day. We ended up receiving more channels than we all expected. We’re very happy. Thanks!

Noel B.

Dayton, OH


You’ve been professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. Thank you for cleaning up the old antennas and cables. I wish I would have heard about you earlier.

George F.

The Ravens Project

Milford, OH


You did a great job and very reasonably priced.

Keith F.

Middletown, OH


It seems like more people are questioning the cost and value of cable. This is a great alternative but not as easy as I had hoped. I’ve spent over $200 on other antennas. I wish I would have contacted you first. You’ve been very knowledgeable, professional, and polite. (And thanks for your honesty.)


West Chester, OH


Mr. Antenna is very professional. His work is neat. He took the time to make sure all the TVs were working properly. I wish I would have hired him months ago. He did a great job.

Adele W.

Kenwood, OH


Mr. Antenna installed for us a rooftop antenna for broadcast TV. He was on time, discussed the options with us, and customized the installation for our wiring and neighborhood. And it works great!

Steve and Nancy K.

Avondale, OH


We were extremely pleased with the professionalism and knowledge John. He work with both of us on our ideas for our house and the work was done to our great satisfaction. I highly recommend Mr, Antenna!

Michael and Erin H.

Wilmington, OH


You sure know your business. I didn’t even know there was a channel 25. Now I have all 6 of their channels plus others I’ve never been able to receive. Thanks!

Joyce D.

Loveland, OH