Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many free channels are broadcast in our local area?

A: List of the free local channels available is available on the Free TV Guide Channels page.

Q: Are your antennas high definition (HD) antennas?

A: Yes. All the antennas we install are HD. If you don’t have high definition cable or satellite, you’re really going to like HDTV.

Q: Are TV stations going to stop broadcasting over the air for free?

A: No, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is committed to over the air TV. It’s a growing trend with people moving away from Pay TV. Currently over 25% of the population is using an antenna to watch TV.

Q: What antenna do you use?

A: We carry and install different antennas depending on where you live. All the antennas we use have been tested and known to work in this area.

Q: Can you install an antenna at my apartment or condo?

A: Yes. We need to mount the antenna high. Take a look around and if you see DirecTV or Dish, that is usually approval for the installation of an antenna. Contact you property Managers and get permission also.

Q: Can Mr. Antenna use the existing coax / cable wiring in my home?

A: Yes. Ideally our antenna works well with your coax wiring.

Q: Can you install the antenna in the attic?

A: Yes, but your reception may suffer depending on your roofing materials. Tile and metal roofs are the worst and an antenna in an attic with tile or metal will probably not be acceptable. In most cases an attic install with asphalt or fiberglass shingles will work but will also require an amplifier.

Q: I have a digital TV converter box that the government helped me buy. Do I need this with your antenna?

A: Yes, the converter box is needed for older TVs. 2007 and newer TVs typically have a digital tuner built in.

Q: Do you work on weekends?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the wind or weather affect the reception of your antenna?

A: In some cases yes but in most cases no. Because the local broadcast towers are closer than satellites, the signal is typically stronger and not as susceptible to weather changes. Clients regularly tell us how much more reliable over the area antenna reception is than their DirecTV and Dish satellite.

Q: Do you have a warranty?

A: Yes, we have a 1-year Wind Warranty. If the wind breaks or knocks down your antenna within a year of installation, we’ll repair it for free. If a tornado or other significant storm damages your antenna and other parts of your house, we’re going to ask you to pay for the repair with your homeowner’s insurance.

Q: What forms of payments do we take?

A: Good checks, cash, and all major credit cards.