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High-Definition Television:

High-Definition Television (or HDTV, or just HD) refers to video having resolution substantially higher than traditional television systems (standard-definition TV, or SDTV, or SD). HD has one or two million pixels per frame, roughly five times that of SD. Early HDTV broadcasting used analog techniques, but today HDTV is digitally broadcast using video compression.

A Quality Broadcast Television Antenna will give you:

The Best Picture Quality: Cable and satellite providers have data limitations. Because of this, they must often resort to data compression or other techniques that compromise the image quality and don’t provide the full benefit of HD programming. Broadcast antennas are the only method for receiving HDTV in the resolution that the network intended it to be broadcast.

Local channels: Data limitations limit the number of HD channels that pay TV providers can carry. Many don’t offer local channels that some of their customers want.

The Lowest Cost: The equipment cost and installation is your only expense. A quality Broadcast TV antenna, will receive HDTV for free.

Which HD Antenna?

Mr. Antenna has extensively tested and installed many antennas locally. We install quality antennas that receive high definition (HD) signals and work very well in this area. Call us for more details.