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Dump your cable and call Mr. Antenna
I got tired of paying for cable TV so I decided to get free TV using an over-the-air antenna. I contacted Karlo (aka Mr. Antenna) and quickly received a response. Karlo quickly (and patiently) answered all my questions so I decided to have him install my digital roof-top antenna. He showed up at the specified time and even called about 30 minutes prior to let me know he was on his way. It was great to have a specific appointment time and not a “window”. Karlo explained exactly what he was going to do before he performed the installation so there were no surprises. The antenna installation was quick and the roof-top antenna is very unobtrusive. Next, Karlo set up my TV’s and ensured that I was getting a quality signal. I couldn’t believe how clear the major channels were! He even helped me setup my TiVo at no extra charge. In all it was a great experience. Karlo is very knowledgeable, a real pro and a nice guy too. Dump your cable, call Mr. Antenna and start enjoying free TV. I wish I did this years ago.

Rob L

Las Vegas, NV

Saving a bundle. Most of what we watch is on network TV. I don’t need cable, dish etc. to do that. Finding Mr. Antenna is now saving me $60 month. Karlo came out as scheduled and was able to connect a small antenna to where the dish used to be. With this setup, our reception is outstanding. The clarity from through the air signals is also outstanding.


Las Vegas, NV

I dont allow anyone in my home for my own reasons.Mr. Antenna worked with me instead of just saying NO.He was on time.Explained everything.Stayed to make sure the job was complete and everything was working.I am just thrilled that I no longer have to get up and adjust the rabbit ears every 8 minutes.Some channels were MIA for weeks. Thank You so much, Mr. Antenna.

Janis W

Las Vegas, NV

Karlo installed an antenna on a not so easy to get to part of my home. He took the time to also re-wire my internet access through the cable modem so it would not have to be moved to an undesirable area of my home. He then made sure that all the channels on both TV’s came in clearly and also hooked up my DVD player attached to one of the TV’s. I highly recommend this service if you want to ditch cable and still get major programming on 50+ very clear stations.


Henderson, NV

Mr Antenna (Karlo) came and installed an excellent antenna on the top of my home so that my reception is absolutely perfect for all of the channels in Las Vegas. It is so nice to be able to get perfect high definition service to my TV’s, but not only did Karlo take care of that, but he perfected reception to the very difficult HD HomeRun which has a particularly difficult time getting channel 3. OTA antenna reception is a black art, and Karlo is the master of the art, and performed everything with absolute ease.

Aarron, H.

Las Vegas, NV