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For me, this antenna insulation is perfect for my need. I do not have the need to watch a lot of channels other than OTA channels. The signal I receive from the antenna gives a superb quality, better than that from the cable. My 10-old Trinitron suddenly has gain new life.


Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Antenna Installed a new antenna at our house. He was on time and the work was completed in a professional manner. Also assisted in installing a new Tivo box. This required an extra hour waiting for downloads but was not phased by the wait.
All in all,an excellent job.


Summerlin, NV

Great service at a great price. It was nice to cut the line to the cable and dish companies, and just get my main stations free. I use the internet for most of my viewing now, so I just needed the basic network channels.

Doug C

Las Vegas, NV

Mr Antenna did a great job installing my new TV antenna. He was very knowledgeable about everything I asked about regarding Channels, Reception and Equipment. He did a clean install and is a very nice person to do business with. I highly recommend Mr. Antenna.


Boulder City, NV

I would highly recommend Mr. Antenna to anyone who doesn’t want cable but is having trouble receiving signals from local stations. I am very happy with the reception and the number of channels I am now getting. The installation was quick and easy and very professional.


Las Vegas, NV