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78615585696637.RIR6VUmzQH1sPhhcXhch_height640Yes, once upon a time we were former cable subscribers. Urgh! Then, one day my children came home from school, plopped down on the couch, turned on the TV and said, “I’m bored, there’s nothing on TV”, just like children do, right? At the time we had over 150 channels… How could we have all those channels to choose from and my kids STILL not be able to find something to watch?

I decided to try an experiment with my kids to see if they could live without TV. And so, my story unfolds. This is what set me on the path to cutting the cord with my cable service. Back to the story, my instructions to my kids were “no more TV except on Saturday morning for a few hours only and that’s it!” The rest of the summer was spent reading books. What did I discover by the end of Summer? Our family could actually live without cable TV and my kids did not miss watching TV for all those hours.

Moving west 8 years ago, we did all the usual things, had the gas and electric turned on, and sought out the best deal for a bundled package for phone, Internet, and TV, at one low price. I was giddy, excited even, as one can get when faced with a possible reduction in outgoing expenses while juggling growing children and the mounting bills. However, it was short-lived, I did not read the small print. The pricing for my bundle package was $49.99 a month for all three services for the first SIX months. Month seven, BAM! My bill skyrocketed to $190 a month. I didn’t even have premium TV services… No HBO, No Showtime, No Cinemax, none of them!!! This was a joke, right?!

I called my cable provider… told them I couldn’t afford that $190 monthly rate and to please turn off the TV service portion of my bundle. And this is where they have you over a barrel… I was told my bill would actually go up. Yes, UP! Instead of reducing the cost, they increase it. I couldn’t figure out their reasoning. I was so stressed, so infuriated, so perplexed inside myself.

After going back and forth with them, I demanded they simply TURN IT ALL OFF. But, they get you any way they can… My Cable provider said “of course we can turn it all off BUT there will be a $300 early termination fee.” (Remember the small print I didn’t read carefully). Sound familiar?

How was I supposed to pay them $300 to get rid of their services IF I couldn’t even pay the $190 monthly fee they hit me with?? They threatened, “if you don’t, we’ll send this to a collection agency and ultimately this will leave the black mark of death on your credit report.” Well, we all know how important it is to keep our credit squeaky clean. What was I going to do?

Eventually, after many insufferable conversations with my cable provider, I gave in. They refused to back down, laden with warnings of harming my credit record, I paid the cable provider their $300 early termination fee. From that moment on, I vowed I would never use a cable/satellite service EVER AGAIN!

That’s where my adventures with FREE over-the-air (OTA) channel transmissions, and an endearing love for it, began.

I started out, once again experimenting with my now FREE options. I installed an indoor antenna, connecting it simply to our family TV. WOW! The picture was beautiful, and I was amazed at the quality. There was just one HUGE issue. I could never get the picture to stay solid. It would freeze, pixelate, or just go to a black screen that read weak or no signal. I knew there had to be better options out there, so I went on the hunt for a better antenna.

Purchase after purchased, outdoor antenna after antenna, all promising the best reception and a range up to 150 miles!

None of these claims were true.

It wasn’t until trying my 37th outdoor Antenna did I find something that worked beautifully for our home, and our positioning from the signal tower. I was receiving all the major networks in high definition (HD) and all of the other channels were displaying beautifully with a digital signal.

After all my researching, experimenting and testing, I found the perfect antenna. It took many months to find the correct antenna for our home and I learned a lot about how the system worked. With this newly acquired knowledge, I realized maybe this was something others would be interested in. Maybe I can prevent others having to go through what I went through, trial after trial… I was confident that if the cable company was so unreasonable with me, they would surely be treating others the same way.

And so began my quest to enable others with the power of Free TV, to cut the cord with their cable provider, forever. I have the knowledge, but even better, I have answers… Answers that most antenna installation services fail to address. Most take your money and run. They don’t care if your TV service is stable, or if you are happy or not. They don’t do their research on your home’s location to determine the best solutions for you.

But I do!

I know what improves signal strength and reception quality. I understand how positioning of an antenna matters. And most of all, I address this vital factor, where your home is located in relation to the tower itself affects all of these factors. The RIGHT antenna for YOUR home is key to perfect TV viewing!!!

Hi! My name is Daisy Daniels, and I am Mr. Antenna/Los Angeles. I am also one of the techies out on the ground installing in your home the services you need to receive the channels and streaming you desire. Watch out for me and be sure to say hello!

Daisy “Sabrina” Daniels
Mr. Antenna/Los Angeles
Greater Los Angeles Area