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I kinda thought free TV was gone :/ 40 Channels and 10 of them in HD at no extra charge is the best. The HD picture is noticeably better.

Jennifer, L.

Sandy, UT


Netflix and our Antenna is all we need for our TV viewing needs. More than enough 🙂

John, M.

Murray, UT


Switching from Comcast at $70 per month to Mr. Antennas one time fee is a huge savings for our family, Thanks!!

Mary, K.

Salt Lake City, UT


I got rid of DirecTV and tried some rabbit ears will very little success. Mr Antenna made it possible to get all available channels in the Salt Lake City.

Rob, H.

Magna, UT


On time, friendly, and professional service. We had 18 channels with our old antenna and now we have 49. The reception is clear and it was installed reasonably quickly. I am happier with process that I thought I would be.

Russ D.